TheLoneSoldier.com is dedicated to all members of the armed forces,
regardless of what country they may be serving for.

This blog specifically follows one “Chayal Boded” or “Lone Soldier” in the Israeli Army. A Lone Soldier is a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces who has no family in Israel, no one to take care of them while abroad. They commit themselves to a country they were not born in and to a deployment that was not required of them. Some agree with what Lone Soldiers do, some do not – all respect them for their courage.

Written through an unbiased “centralist” point-of-view, this blog aims to help other potential Lone Soldiers with their process as well as educate the public about the ideals of the Israeli Army.

  1. Claudia says:

    Just found out about your site and will keep in touch. I have a teacher coming to Israel in Feb – any requests? can send something you need/want with her?
    Let me know!


  2. Elan says:

    I know the guy in that picture of the kitchen. British guy named Ben, right? He was on my Kibbutz when I first immigrated. I’ve had a blog on my experiences in the army for a while now. Keep it up!

  3. gail says:

    DEAR J,
    BE SAFE,

  4. 81PNtge says:

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