I Sense a Disturbance in the Force

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Mikveh Alon, Random Thoughts
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My time in the army, although short in the grand scheme of my service as a whole, has taught me enormous amounts already. I appreciate everything outside the army as if I were a baby taking his first lick of an ice-cream. Life is sweet, and far too few people are tasting it!

Listening to music has become a privilege, not a necessity, as it seemed to become throughout my time in university. If music wasn’t playing while out of class, and sometimes even in class, life seemed quite and boring. With that thought in mind, I realize now that everyone listening to music 24/7 is missing out on all the beautiful auditory nuances of everyday life. I’ve also become aware that on top of what everyone’s missing out on, listening to music ALL the time also dilutes the meaning behind the very music we care so dearly about.

Looking at the mountains and all of nature when getting off for a weekend is like discovering a new continent. I feel like Columbus (or was it Leif Ericsson?) taking his first step onto the Americas. I am Neil Armstrong on the moon, I am Buzz Lightyear taking first flight. Seeing the same surroundings all week long (even though the base has a gorgeous view) lets me savor and enjoy every sight I see on my brief weekends off.

Smells bring back vivid memories of sweet experiences, wonderful times in the past and the inevitable awkwardness of growing up. Being a child, being a student, being a dirty backpacker. All great things to reminisce about when one has the time to think their own thoughts.

Tasting the crazy foods of the Middle East is a totally new experience in and of it’s own. Most people know me as a garbage disposal eater so I love shoveling down all these new flavors! I eat avocado nearly every day, somewhat of a “delicacy” in the states, where as here it’s just a casual food to throw on a piece of toast…

And who can forget about the sense of touch. Even with my extremely callused hands from countless pushups on gravel, touching something soft is a pleasure unrivaled. A plush blanket, a furry dog, or the gentle caress of a woman…

Change has occurred, which I normally don’t like. I usually like things to stay the same, to be comfortable, but I guess that has changed as well. Life is all about moderation, something I’ve realized in the past, but even more so now. Mix it up and enjoy the good things in life. Appreciate the things you have, because it could be much, much different.

the sweet isn’t as sweet without the sour!
  1. David Hasson says:

    This is the truest thing I’ve read in a long time, thank you for putting things in perspective. Be good.


  2. Jonnie Dale says:

    Your words so dear. Are you preparing for Valentine’s in Israel? Or perhaps Ground Hog Day toay? Thank-you so much, especially for honoring the sweet caress of a woman, a furry dog and a plush blanket. Souinds of music to my ears, to my heart and to our souls. Tamara too says your words are so beautiful. Do you remember Tamara, at Sunday brunch at Grandma’s? I’m in love. Loving you much, jd

    • haha we’ll see about Valentine’s day… I’ll be stuck on base and I’m not really sure if they celebrate it here anyways… I’m looking forward to spring though, because the rain and cold is getting a little old (although I miss snow :/)

      What can I say, I like soft things – who doesn’t? yes I definitely remember Tamara, say Hi for me!

  3. Connie says:

    I only wish I would have learned these lessons at your age. How fortunate you are to realize the importance of life and appreciate the things most of us take for granted. Much love and admiration, Jonathan…..

    • I don’t think it matters when you learn, you can still do whatever you want, whenever you want. Responsibilities are something we put upon ourselves, no one can MAKE you do anything – the Russians have taught me that in the army (that’s for another story though)… There are plenty of ways to enjoy life, start now!

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