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Posted: February 26, 2011 in Mikveh Alon
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As usual I want this blog to be short, but it will likely end up being longer than I originally expect it to be because I’ll slowly remember what we did this week as I type. At this point I despise when I know I need to/should (you know there isn’t a word for “should” in hebrew?) write a blog, especially right now.

I’m laying in bed with my girl watching the Big Lebowski… BREAKING NEWS: she just said she want’s to play Resident Evil on playstation with me… seriously, she gets more awesome every day. She listens to Guns & Roses and Pink Floyd. She watches family guy, two and a half men, 30 rock and the big bang theory. What is going on… stop kissing me… this isn’t fair.

Let me stop for a second and excuse my blog for being terrible this week – it’s Rotem’s fault. But Rotem is also being great and letting me write this in the first place so let’s all give her a round of applause. ::clap, clap, clap::

The title of this entry has nothing to do with genitalia – although I’ll admit, being in the army has forced me to see more penis’ than I’ve ever wanted to see. From Bear’s casual drop of his towel for no reason, to this kid Ben’s massive penis… I digress. I don’t know where I was going with that. Testeem is actually what the commanders call our tests, it’s always hilarious when they attempt to translate an english word into hebrew. The real word for test is “Meevchan” but for us stupid kids at Mikveh Alon, they say testeem.

We had our Hebrew test this week to see how we’ve progressed in the course as well as a physical called a “barour”. I think I did okay on the Hebrew test, not “mooshlam” (perfect) but good enough. I spoke very well, but royally screwed up the reading and writing part. oh well. It’s ok because I destroyed the physical. 80 pushups, 86 situps and I ran the 2km in 7:47. BAM!

Here’s a “quickie” about this weekend –  I started off in my kibbutz, went to Tel Aviv with my adopted family to see a flamenco show, saw my good friend Edan who may be joining the army as well? Went to Kibbutz Kfar Masaryk to see my friend Liana who extended her birthright trip a whole week just to see me! Today (Saturday), Rotem picked me up from the kibbutz and I had dinner with her at her house. Tomorrow it’s back to the army…

I have my gibbush (tryout) for Tzanchanim (paratroopers) on Monday and my Teckas (ceremony) for the end of Mikveh Alon on Wednesday. BARUCH HASHEM!!! (praise g-d… for you non-jewsers out there) I’m so glad this course is finally over and I get to go to the “real” army.

Well, I could have written more but I’m seriously getting distracted by all the awesome things going on around me… playstations, family guys and a certain girl laying next to me.

Peace out guys and gals, till next time.

  1. edan says:

    Um its a def son im joining!

  2. Lars David says:

    I guess I’ll try an type for extreme shneot!!. I’m working on the big bang and your working on the big slang you gun slinger you!! It was nice you got to see liana, she seems like a great friend from when i met her. I asked dad today about coming out for a week or two this summer between classes. I want to work on comvining science with religion, like the physics of revelation or something…you should read some Maslow…is this thing with Rotem, and Liana visiting and finally getting into the real army turning into a “peak-experience” for you? I hope so, you need to get in touch with your shechinah. and you shall be a blessing!! shoot your gun up into the air for me….and then duck…a falling bullet’s terminal velocity can be quite high!

    • haha, yea everything is going really well over here. Can’t say it hasn’t been hard at times, but everything has been worth it. I really hope I get into Tzanchanim and can jump from a plane! and I will never shoot a gun up! always check your gun at shesheem maelot! (60 degrees). It was great seeing Liana, reminded me a bit of home. Rotem has been great to me, and great for me if that makes sense. She’s kept me sane while I’m annoyed at something stupid in the army, and reminds me to calm down.

      It would be great if you could come out and visit! If you ever get an exact date I can request a few days off to spend with you. I think I only get 4 of those special days a year, so you gotta be sure! hopefully I’ll be able to hop on skype this weekend and I’ll try to give you a call…

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